Please click the link below for our league rules.  These rules are in Adobe Reader format (pdf).
August 15th, 2018 updates:
Hockey Canada rule book link updated to 2018-2020 rulebook/casebook.
Rule 3.1a - Updated to define overtime in playoffs (5 on 5) and regular season (3 on 3)
October 1st, 2017 updates:
Winter and Summer rulebook have been merged into a single rulebook
Rule 3.2g - Goalie hit in the helmet rule update - Play will no longer be automatically blown down when a puck hits a goalie in the mask.  Play will now be blown down for a goalies safety only at the referees' discretion when the puck hits the goalie in the helmet.

Rule 4.4a - The game penalty limit has been changed.   3 penalties will result in a game ejection regardless of if the 3rd penalty is a coincidental.

Rule 4.4b - All double minors will count as a single minor in regards to game penalty limits.

Rule removed - Players in the bench during flood rule removed.  City of Edmonton has updated its policy and allow players on the bench during an ice cleaning.